☆ whistle while you swallow a spoonful of sugar and your dreams will come true upon a star ☆

the otter army marches at dawn


→ Where are you from?

  • suburbs of a major city on the east coast
→ What do you look like?
→ What time zone are you in?
  • EST!
→ How were you {insert age here} in {insert grade here}?
  • I skipped a grade, so i'm always at least a year younger than everyone in my grade.
→ How do you make your gifs?
  • I use Photoshop CS6!
→ Do you follow back?
  • I try to check out the blogs of people who follow me, but normally I do not follow back.
→ Will you promo me?
  • If I don't know you and you don't have a reason, no. In most cases, no.
→ What is your Twitter?
→ Where can I find your saved URLs?
→ Wow! How did get your URL?
  • Luck. That's it I promise. No blood was spilled.
→ What are your previous URLs?
  • in order: andimbeautifullytragic, justlikethe-song, magical-sandwiches, ohsodevoted, meredifstepien, starkidz, presidentbarack, airportforbirds 
    {i've had this one since feb. 2012}
→ Do you really hate Darren/think he's an asshole/idiot?
  • NO!!1!1!!