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I think Starkid did something really important with AVPSY, because everyone knows that Harry Potter will fade and new things will come and so on.. But it doesn’t make Harry Potter any less important, we still loved it and it still taught us a lot of things. What’s important is that we don’t spend years moping about the fact there’s nothing new, but rather we appreciate what it was and we move on. It’s okay to move on, it doesn’t mean you loved it any less. The friends you make through the fandoms and the lessons that are in all of those books will stay with us, because for a lot of us Harry Potter was a massive part of our childhood. This little bit.. It was a beautiful reminder to end on. The actors were all so upset towards the end because this is the last time they’ll do a Potter Musical, it’s the end of an era for them. They’re all going to move on, just like us.